Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware

I’ve been keeping a close eye on Jessie Ware since the day she uploaded her single ‘Strangest Feeling’ on YouTube. This first single caught my attention right on: the lyrics, the voice… and the way it all blend so nicely in a XX-ish kind of way.
And until then I’d never heard of her.

Although this was Jessie’s first solo track, that doesn’t mean she is a rookie at this singing stuff: she previously lent her vocals in collaborations with SBTRKT, Joker and Sampha.

Over the following months more tracks were released, and among them was ‘Running’. For me, this was the absolute confirmation of Jessie’s potential.
Once again, the music tempo, the feeling it carried: it all matched perfectly.
More importantly, you could see and sense where she was going with her music and what she’s sending out to the world. By that time you just knew that the soon to be released debut album ‘Devotion’ was going to be massive.

Two weeks ago, “Devotion” was finally released, featuring the previously released tracks plus new ones. The expectation was definitely huge, but Jessie delivered: the album even exceeds it. The way the entire album works so well as whole, as an experience, is remarkable. Transitioning from one track to another is done so smoothly that you end up clicking the repeat button once you reach the end of ‘Devotion’. 110% recommended.

To finish off, here’s a short film captured at The Nave, in London, where you get to know a bit more about Jessie, a sort of introduction to her world.


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